A riddle in stone
in front of your eyes
hiding the truth
deception and lies

Look at it closer
and you will believe
Change your perception
of what you perceive

They’re fooling the masses
about the design
of a powerful city
with powers divine

Ever so sacred
its geometry
loaded with symbols
from mythology

The square and the compass
the keys to it all
Unlock their true secrets
and shrouds will soon fall

Squaring the circle
it’s hard to digest
Just look at the master
da Vinci knew best

Vitruvian Man
proportions derived
Encoded in concrete
his secrets disguised

Great is the structure
The Heart of the Land
More ancient than Egypt
it rests on its sand

These are the templates
for which you will need
to master this knowledge
a code you will read

To the wounds of Christ
the pyramid points
on Vitruvian Man
the one who anoints

Sexual union
can also be found
a vesica piscis
on monumental ground

The bloodline of Christ
encrypted in stone
for two hundred years
so let it be known…

…And as you awaken
to open your eyes
don’t be mistaken
by all of their lies

The kingdom of Satan
is already here
It’s long been established
for hundreds of years

But God is the structure
of all that you see
the nature of nature
for eternity

His power is greater
his nature divine
the one true creator
within your own mind

The Temple of God
is the temple within
You are the temple
of King Solomon

So take up your crown
upon your head
Open your eyes
Awaken the dead

Sigillum Dei Aemaeth
the circle complete
The Seal of God’s Truth
destroys the elite

The wicked will cower
when these words are spoken
Knowledge is power
This spell is now broken

-Robert Homrich


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