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The Vitruvian Code: The Secret Anatomy of Washington DC and its Connections to the Ancient Mysteries is a stunning journey across a real-life treasure map that ultimately leads to the greatest treasure of all, The Holy Grail.


Backed by the longstanding principles and understandings of mathematics, geometry, astrology, ancient Egyptian mythology, and the documented meanings of arcane symbols, a secret geometric code is revealed within the layout of our nation’s capital in astonishing detail. The infamous Masonic square and compasses that appear in the layout of Washington DC are the keys to unlocking this secret code that overlays scaled diagrams of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and more onto a map of the city in perfect harmonious unison, revealing some of the greatest and most closely guarded secrets of Freemasonry.

Part educational and informational textbook, part real-life mystery thriller, this in-depth analysis of Washington DC explores various aspects of the federal city’s design, including the city’s art, architecture, astrology, history, and esoteric symbolism, all in search of clues to unlock this secret code. Each chapter takes an in-depth look at each individual piece of the puzzle, with each clue leading to the next, until this amazing code is completely revealed and deciphered.

Have you ever wondered why the Catholic Church got into such a fuss over Dan Brown’s “fictional” novel, The Da Vinci Code? This elegant, yet profound geometric code has never been explored in any previous literature, simultaneously sheds new light on multiple age-old mysteries, and has the potential to shake the very foundations of all that we have been led to believe about our origins, our past, our present, and even our future.

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Subjects include:

Ancient Mysteries
Dan Brown
Da Vinci Code
Egyptian Mythology
Founding Fathers
Grail Mythology
The Knight’s Templar
Occult Magic
Sacred Geometry
Secret Codes
Secret Societies
Washington DC

“What Rob is telling you right now is probably the most important information you’ve ever heard. You may not realize that at this moment but it is this disconnect that he is identifying, utilizing this ritual magic and geometry, that is the key ingredient to us finding our sovereignty and our peace, because we are all linked and if we can find that critical conscious connection that suddenly sprouts throughout all the minds across the globe, we will find that moment of sovereignty, that moment of peace, an we can finally put aside this New World Order that is trying to dominate every aspect of our spirit and our lives.”

– Freeman Fly